Kim Clijsters won 2009 US Open Tennis Championship

2009 US Open 14 Sep 2009

Wild card Kim Clijsters completed her compelling comeback in convincing fashion with a purposeful display of power and finesse as she dominated Caroline Wozniacki at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sunday evening. 23,000 fans paid tribute to the inspirational play of the two upstart finalists who seemed to signal the arrival of a new era in […]

Melanie Oudin Stuns The Tennis World – Again!!!

2009 US Open 03 Sep 2009

Melanie Oudin! Georgia peach! 5’ 6” might be stretching it. She’s is short, she is square, she is cute as a button and packed with energy. On Thursday before a filled Arthur Ashe Stadium, little Melanie Oudin hoisted the youth of American tennis on her capable shoulders and a mesmerized nation across the finish line… […]