Kim Clijsters won 2009 US Open Tennis Championship

14 Sep 2009 by Hiland in 2009 US Open

Kim Clijsters won women's 2009 US Open Tennis Championship Wild card Kim Clijsters completed her compelling comeback in convincing fashion with a purposeful display of power and finesse as she dominated Caroline Wozniacki at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sunday evening. 23,000 fans paid tribute to the inspirational play of the two upstart finalists who seemed to signal the arrival of a new era in the women’s game.

On a day when Serena Williams was fined $10,000 and severely chastised for her temperamental display in the semi-finals, the two women’s finalists put on a graceful performance. A decided underdog, Wozniacki emerged as a courageous and gracious ambassador of the game. She, Clijsters and other young stars may well lift the torch from the old guard.

Clijsters had too much game for the Danish counter puncher. Although not as sharp as in her semi-final match, Kim seemed the aggressor and had a better sense of how to shape winners. The native of Belgium committed 34 unforced errors but hit 36 outright winners.

Wozniacki had difficulty holding serve throughout the match. With no aces and 3 double faults, she does not have the velocity to keep bigger hitters off the baseline. Wozniacki’s first serve averaged 89 mph vs 100 mph by the winner.

Both women showed poise and exhibited remarkable on-court personality. The crowd was especially delighted not to hear the constant grunting and outbursts that have become part of the new-age women’s game. Rather, both players appeared to be enjoying themselves. Wozniacki looks to have an endorsement future ahead with a glamorous smile yet competitive personality. The Dane has won more tennis matches in 2009 than any other player on the tour.

Clijsters would probably not be playing had she not been invited to play an exhibition match at Wimbledon. Kim embraced the training with newfound enthusiasm and has managed to bring the joy of playing to center court. A former number one player and 2005 U.S. Open Champion, she should be ranked in the top 10. The 19 year old Wozniacki is currently ranked 9th and should be moving up, but is clearly not up to Clijsters level of play.

Clijsters won the tournament by knocking out both Williams sisters, Marion Bartoli and Na Li of China. This was an impressive run throughout the draw and the deserving champion should be in even better shape for 2010.


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